positive customer service stories

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Feb 25, 2011
Roku sent me a whole new remote for free when I called inquiring about buying a new battery cover for my remote which broke the tab off that holds the cover closed. I was sick of the scotch tape on the back of the remote and ebay turned up nothing, not even a broken remote of the same button config. for cheap.
It's cheaper than stocking the replacement parts.

A new cover for my coffee grinder costs the same as a new grinder. :(

So mine is epoxy'd together. :)
Dec 10, 2005
It's cheaper than stocking the replacement parts.

A new cover for my coffee grinder costs the same as a new grinder. :(
That reminds me.

Last year, the plastic ring holding the upper grinding ring in my Bodum Bistro Electric broke (after ~4 years of daily use). I called Bodum asking about purchasing a replacement piece of plastic but they just sent me a new upper grinding ring mounted in the plastic holder for free. The new ring held up until the grinder died after 5.5 years of use and I had to replace the whole thing.

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May 24, 2003
When my bank laid off a lot of their workers to replace them with temporary foreign workers (after forcing them to train them) it sparked some outrage and a lot of people were switching banks. I figured most banks are probably just as bad, so looked at a local "caisse" (basically a credit union).

I called up the number just to see what is involved in moving all my stuff, ex: if I need to make an appointment or need any kind of paper work etc... I was expecting an IVR but instead got a person, not any person but someone actually in my city at that actual bank. None of this outsourcing to India BS. So I asked a few questions and basically I just had to walk in and they'd arrange that.

So another day I go do just that and long story short they were very nice and the process was very fast and easy. They even paid a good chunk of the fee to move my mortgage from my old bank. Walked out of there with a savings account, TFSA, 10k credit line, a credit card (well the card itself was in the mail but the account was done) and mortgage was mostly setup but the process took a bit which is probably normal.

Overall I was really pleased with the level of service I got and continue to get at that bank.


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Jun 19, 2010
I just flew in into Lansing Michigan for some training... I was suppose to land at 10:55. Missed my connecting flight, caught a later flight, it was delayed. Ended up getting in at midnight. The Hertz counter was suppose to close at 11:30 but the guy waited for 45 mins till I showed up. What a champ. I took their online online survey after I returned the car and gave him a glowing review
Nov 20, 2009
People like to complain because it will typically be more honest than not. Whereas a ton of positive reviews and nothing else is usually someone scamming you. Now, if you are looking for someone to make a positive recommendation on something, or maybe even to provide warning against someone or something then you need to ask explicitly. But blind offers have little merit compared to blind warnings.