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Portland Federal Agents Accused of War Crimes for Destroying Medical Supplies


Jul 13, 2005
Peeps we need to wake up...martial Law is right around the corner!
As long as the FEDs are not held accountable....
An article in the 1998 International Criminal Court Statute says "ntentionally directing attacks against ... hospitals and places where the sick and the wounded are collected, provided they are not military objectives" constitutes a war crime in both international and non-international armed conflicts.

This a different article that is nealy the same as the Newsweek article...
It takes excepts from the Newsweek article --

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Jul 27, 2004

Federal authorities have been accused of violating the Geneva Convention after apparently destroying medical equipment during protests in Portland.

Reporter Sergio Olmos shared a video on Twitter Tuesday night showing medical supplies and protective gear covered in an orange liquid.

"It appears that federal officers, during dispersal, pepper sprayed the medical supplies in the tents," Olmos wrote.

This is Fubar. The Geneva Convention states that destroying medical equipment is a war crime violation. Yet, here we are in Portland," Fiegl-Ding wrote.

In another tweet, he added: "Attacking medical units violates half a dozen conventions and international statutes, not only Geneva Convention but also International Criminal Court statutes. But hey, Chad Wolf, Bill Barr, and Trump say it's okay!"

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The First Geneva Convention states that there should be no “obstacle to the humanitarian activities” and that wounded and sick “shall be respected and protected in all circumstances.” Medical units, i.e. hospitals and mobile medical facilities, may in no circumstances be attacked

Jul 22
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This is literally a war crime per the Geneva Convention

OBTW, the Geneva Convention bans the use of teargas on enemy combatants, yet those that say they are here to protect us, use this chemical agent frequently on their citizens.
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