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Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Senior member
Sep 17, 2002
Haven't been here for a long time. Thought I might get some good advice here.
I am looking for a portable bluetooth speaker for my fishing boat. 16' fishing boat . Speaker would just be sitting on the bench or floor.
I have taken my car stereo and small boss speakers out and want to use a Android phone and Bluetooth speaker for my limited music listening while out fishing .
I have read reviews on several...my budget is $100.00 to $200
I listen to mostly classic rock and not to loud. Guess I am looking for the best Sounding speaker instead of the loudest.

The Fugoo Tough XL gets some good reviews
The JBL also gets some good words
I also read about the UE Boom 3 some people like

Do any of you have any of these speakers or have any other portable blue tooth speaker that you like or would suggest ?

Thanks for your time,


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Jan 27, 2001
We just bought a Kube, $6.49 + tax, free shipping, and its not bad. Standard rule applies to portable speakers, competing factors are sound quality, volume, size, and cost. For outdoor use most of us will end up wanting a LOT more volume that we do in a room or sealed car. I learned that with our convertible, easily twice as loud while driving top down. Related to that is that it seems that most of the portable speakers use active equalization to boost the low end where smaller drivers tend to roll off quickly. The consequence is that while they have OK lower bass at lower volumes, they quickly run out of power to keep the bass boosted as the volume goes up.

I don't see much out there other than JBL, https://www.amazon.com/JBL-Waterproof-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B07QK2SPP7/ref=psdc_689637011_t2_B07T185XKB


Jul 15, 2006
Or Anker soundcore+ if you like something on the small side. Kills anything around 100$ mark. In fact it reaches JBL level if you change the eq included jn the app.

I am actually buying this one for my wife, for her dance lessons with children