Poll: What geforce card do i get?!


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May 10, 2001
Hey all
well I'm about to buy a new Geforce card and I've realized its not an easy endevour! First of all I want a system that is limited by my 900MHz Tbird and not my vid card (GF MX). I play mostly Q2 (yes still) but I play UT and Q3. I've been a pretty much no frills guys (still play Q2 at 800x600 if you can belief it) but I want to be a able to have all the bells and whistles on for Q3 and racing games with 2xAA. So I'm either gunna get a PRO or ULTRA. I can afford the Ultra but I dont really think its the most bang for the buck. So what I really want to know is first whether a GTS PRO is worth the extra money over the normal GTS and second whether I should get 32 or 64 megs.