POLL: manual drivers, how do you park your car?

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Feb 17, 2003
Originally posted by: Anubis
Originally posted by: Skoorb
i get you point dude but its not gonna make me start useing teh handbrake in my car when i park on a flat place, i actually dont personally know anyone that uses the handbrake when not parking on a hill
I don't know anybody - except drivers of automatic domestics (I know that sounds like a made up insult, but it's true) - who don't use the handbrake, hill or flat!
i can see that
carse i drive regularly
92 ford tempo - automatic
2000 Durango - auto
2000 Sabb 9-3 viggen - manual
94 infinity q45 - auto
74 Porsche 911 - manual

never use the parking break in any of them and neither do the other that drive them, my roomie has a 92 4runner standard and he never uses the hand brake, other roomie has a 94 lexis ls300 auto and doesn?t ever use it, my friend matt has at his disposal 3 BMWs ( Z3, M3 and a 328i) and a Mini cooper S all standard and he doesn?t use the e brake unless he?s doing ebrake turns, My friend rich has a 2001 Porsche Carrera 4s standard and doesn?t use the hand brake

so your argument could be right but could be not
i didn't know they had is300's back in '94.
unless that's an LS300, which is a model i've never heard of.