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POLL: Do you think the Affordable Care Act will be repealed within next 4 years?

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ACA over next four years?

  • No vote, or no options below are acceptable to me

  • ACA destroyed or reduced so much it's effectively dead over next four years

  • ACA substantially curtailed over next four years

  • ACA essentially unchanged over next four years

  • ACA substantially expanded (more legislation) over next four years

  • ACA hugely expanded (more legislation) over next four years

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Jun 16, 2008
I know this has been posted before, likely when the ACA first was passed, but here it is again... No one likes to see how the sausage is made, but here's what you're getting a big bite of... The inside of the sausage:
That's probably bad but it's certainly not as messy as the sausages that helped blow up the U.S. deficit in the early part of this century. One of which wasn't f$*#$ng necessary by any means.

Keep in mind that this process was necessitated by the fact that when the Democratic party finally go their 60 seat majority in very late June of 2009 instead of January because of the very close race that Al Franken won was contested until the very last.

Then after waiting over 5 months for get that 60 vote; Senator Kennedy became sick not soon after and had to limit his Senate appearances.

The upshot is that the Democratic party didn't have the 60 votes for as long as some people like to assert.

When one hand is going to fight the other hand making anything at all in the kitchen is going to be damn messy.
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Nov 9, 2009
Personally, I think there's essentially no chance of it. If Obama wins election, it's not going anywhere. I also am not a complete idiot to believe that Romney, who championed a similar approach in his home state, will ever get the votes needed to repeal.

I'm reserving the idea that after 4 years something else could come to take its place; either it's such a catastrophe it does get resolved, or perhaps some superior universal care approach comes in. But for the next four years we're living with it.
If Obama wins a second term, it's highly unlikely. On top of that, by the end of his second term, the ACA will be in full swing to the point that it'll be very, very difficult to undo.

If he doesn't, then there's a SLIM chance it'll get revised or repealed in some way just because the ball is starting to roll.