*POLL* Do you have a 'vanity' plate?

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Feb 22, 2001
i wished i had my cell phone camera back a couple of years ago
saw this one outside a mall DR PU5Y on a Mercedas S500


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Feb 24, 2000
Nope, ROSSMAN is 1 character too many so is AUSGIRL (for the wife).


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Sep 29, 2000
Originally posted by: Asharus
Originally posted by: Skoorb
No. They mostly bug the sh*t out of me. Somebody locally as a VW with the plate RTHRBME. No, buddy, I'd rather watch somebody beat your windshield in. If you ever get your car keyed (I NEVER condone this BTW), and you have a vanity plate, you know why.

Hmmm, I never thought about that. My plate says M PROVED, and someone tried to ruin my paint twice, and was successful the 2nd time. They poured brake fluid or something on the side of my car, which cost $700 to fix. The shop had to repaint 3 panels, the rear quarterpanel and the 2 passenger doors. The fluid ate right thru the paint down to the metal.

The first strike was on the driver's side, so I noticed it when I went home and washed it off. The 2nd time it was on the passenger side, and it sat there for a whole day while I was at work. I think it was one of my girlfriend's neighbors, but I didn't even consider it would be some dickhead that doesn't like my plate?

I have since added full coverage insurance after that incident...
Well some people just like to ruin nice cars anyway. Also, it depends on the plate of the reaction somebody will have. The ass orgy one is just classic from Florida.

I saw a vette with the plates "WHYIWRK", which is rather funny. But, if you've got a guy with a plate that's cocky like RTHRBME, well that's going to piss people off. Or, if you're driving a porsche and the plate is "URSLOWR", that's just begging to have their car vandalized.