POLL: Do you have a financée?

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Oct 13, 2004
Originally posted by: DaShen
Originally posted by: dug777
Originally posted by: DaShen
Originally posted by: dug777
Nope, but i have a mansnake ;)

GF has been the gf for the last four & a half years, but i think we'll wait for a couple of years yet, since we're both starting work next year. Been living together for the last two years...

Wait till money becomes an issue after you start working... It may get tough.

Can't see that happening...

We both pay our own way now, and we'll both be on good salaries next year :D

Money is always an Issue. Regardless. Then when you get kids, that issue is compounded. Rich people just discuss/argue over money in a different way than poor people.

I hope it's never a big issue...

we've never had a problem with it so far, and we've kept accounts very seperate, as we intend to for the forseeable future...except for the mortgage of course.