POLL!!! ati or nvidia

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Senior member
Aug 25, 2000
i voted for ATI. Reasons, 1) ATI has fastest product out right now. 2) ATI has better image quality and 3) ATI has best setup with the AIW

i like Nvidia to. Reasons, 1) Nvidia has the best OC ability 2) Nvidia HAD the highest FPS and 3) Nvidia has best drivers(although i could argue that point)

DUVIE - i feel for you but dont agree with you. I had similar problems but with the Nvidia cards. out of the box the drivers worked but didnt offer best performance, trying to update the drivers proved almost impossible with my 3d prophet ddr(geforce ddr OG). after awhile i got it to work right! Now, with my AIW 8500DV 64MB(best card everbought for everything/tv/gamin/capture), it worked great out of the box and gave me hella preformance(8148 3dmark @ 230/190 stock). i still havent updated the drivers, but will when i finish moding my gold sample gf3 ti200(best card i ever bought for gamin and OC'ing only) and get it up to 300/600 with a 3dmark score of 10,000 or more!. So far i have gotten it up to 250/550, but want to mod the memory sinks b4 i push it further. ANYWAYS

i love both


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Aug 28, 2001
Don't get me wrong, this 9700 I have is wicked fast most
of the time but........... I will be running back to Nvidia with
open arms. ;)


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Nov 24, 2001
I'm sticking with nvidia for now (the last ATI card I owned was some LT Rage Pro piece of crap).


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Oct 5, 2002
I have owned Nvidia cards exclusively for the last 2-3 years but my next card will almost definately be ATi (unless nvidia really pulls a rabbit out of their hat). Reason being, ATi cards are performing on par or better than nVidia, and have superior 2D image quality. I have a pretty nice Sony monitor and I don't really feel that this Asus Ti4200 is doing it justice. I got a hold of a 8500LE and even that made a world of difference. Too bad I couldn't keep it :( Well to sum it up, I really like both companies but until nVidia ups their 2D quality (take some lessons from Matrox!) I will be getting ATi cards (best blend of performance/quality). Well, thats my take... and what was the point of making this thread nick? To let everyone know you of your nvidia zealotry? "ati i guess....not for me though, long live nvidia!", I mean give me a break...


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Nov 26, 2002
If i have to say one, nvidia, just because iv had ati cards that didnt work.

I also have to say id love a 9700pro if it didnt mean $300+, and a ti4600 in the trash.