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Plex vs. Serviio - which would you recommend why?

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Aug 25, 2013
Love Plex, I run it with a PC media server that I access via Roku, PC & Mac Desktops, WDTVs, as well as Android phones and tablets. Interface is great, with perfect metadata presentation. That being said, as someone else mentioned, things sometimes get broken by updates.

One update caused my WDTVs to stop playing my media files. It would see the files there, perfectly categorized, sorted, and filled with metadata, but just wouldn't play my files. That's when I found Serviio. The interface isn't as snazzy as Plex, but it just works. And its a little more configurable on the DLNA side than Plex. For awhile, I was on both Serviio for my DLNA and also PLEX for everything else. I saw no slowdown or interference with running both at the same time.

For now, my WDTV's are working again on the latest Plex update, so I'm no longer running both Plex and Serviio side by side. But at least I have Serviio as a backup in case something in Plex breaks again.

Plex just looks great though. I just added another episode to my Breaking Bad collection and the box covers, the background, and the show's theme music, make for just a great presentation. Glad I found Serviio too :)
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May 21, 2013
I tried serviio, it didn't like the way my tv shows were organized. Plex is much friendlier in that regard.


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Aug 20, 2013
I use plex server on a macmini at home and i can steam to my laptop, ipad, iphone ect form ever where i have tried i would say test both i had never heard of serviio but i may test it now. but remember is plex has a bigger community you will get better support.


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Apr 17, 2002
One limitation of Serviio is that it makes you live with whatever language that happens to be in the first audio stream. Does Plex let you choose audio streams based on language?