please comment on my planned PC hardwares


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Jun 6, 2008
I want a new PC, good at gamings, so please kindly offer me some comments and advice,especially whether there will be any hardware conflicts. Besides, I am not sure if the 650W PSU is enough or not. Thank you very much!

-Ralph from Singapore

Intel E8200 (2.66G)
Asus P5K-SE
Kingston DDR2 PC6400 800MHz 2G X2
XFX 8800GTS (PV-T88G-YDD) 678MHz 512M
Samsung DVD Writer (SATA) 20X
Seagate SATA2 500G
Cooler Master Extreme power 650W
Cooler Master Centurion 534 RC534-SWN2 casing



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Jan 24, 2005
650 should be fine it might be overkill if you're not going to run an SLI machine. I love that case. I've built two machines with that case I liked it so much. You should consider getting this thermaltake hot swap Hard Drive rack for it.

It makes the case look nice. And an internal card reader for the floppy drive insert.

Some things I usually check before I make a build are:
1) RAM on the Mobo matches the RAM I"m buying
2) Do I have enough IDE blocks on my motherboard in case I need them?
3) Do I have enough Sata blocks on my motherboard for my devices?
4) Does the Socket type of my motherboard match the socket type for my CPU (Check out the issues with AMD Phenom however...)

Finally, I recommend Western Digital over Seagate for your hard drive. Ever since Seagate bought Maxtor their drives have been crap.


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Aug 8, 2004
Everything you have listed will be fine, the 650 watt is actually quite a bit more than you need. May I suggest an enermax 500 watt liberty? It has a modular cabling design to keep your case cleaner and will perform every bit as well if not even better thanthe coolermaster