Played The Old World, Hated it, uninstalled


Jun 3, 2011
So, i did finally a session with The Old World, a Civilization clone with some Europa Universalis influences, and hated it. Or rather, i played it knowing that i wasn't gonna play it.

The board is identical to civilization.
You only get pre-selected "build city here" spots and cannot just plop a settler anywhere.
There is an tech tree identical to civilization.

There's relations and trade, and the AIs are a lot more reasonable than in civilization, which is good.
Combat takes multiple turns instead of being 1-bonk-dead as civ.
Unit movespeed is very reasonable, instead of 2-tiles-every-50-years.

The problem is that you get tons of characters and leaders, and generals and scholars and spies and burgmasters, and merchants and politicians and regal houses and marriages and wives and children and EVERY **** ONE HAS STATS, and essentially this is all events-controlled, so you are constantly given events like:

"hey, you got two choices for a cousin; would you rather take ENORMOUS STATS PAGE 1, or ENORMOUS STATS PAGE 2", and because of how chaotic the system is, instead of trying to plan your way to say, "i want to be a militaristic country" it just ends up being white noise.
And it's far from being straightforward. It's not like "this guy will give your units +1 strength". No, it's more like, this guy will give your units +0.4% mobility, but -0.2% timber resources, and has +1.4% charisma, but also the Avarice trait, and the Callous trait, plus -1.8% relationship with the third Phoenician house, but he can grow horses at 7% higher rate if near a swamp. Also he likes tuesdays and doesnt drink tea.

I suppose if you could - and are willing to - memorize an enormous amount of data, and are also able to interpret it enough to forecast its usefulness, then yeah, The Old World is for you. Otherwise, stay away. You will start having fun pooping out legionaires and taking over barbarian villages, only to go for an hour and realize you have no idea what the state of your empire is, or what the choices you made 50 turns ago actually did for your situation now (and why your wine is suddenly not selling anymore or why your silver casually disappears).

This guy has a positive view of the game
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Jul 18, 2001
Its looked interesting but it was Epic exclusive and Ive been burned by many 4x games lately. Maybe if they have a free demo weekend I'll try it. I tried Humankind earlier this year and it just didn't grab me.


Aug 11, 2005
I did not like it either, played a few games butgave up, the pre-selected city thing killed most of my interest. Humankind was a better civ style game that came out around the same time.