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Pheonix Lander

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Jul 25, 2002
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
Originally posted by: CaptnKirk
<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.critchley.ca/Images/FridgeMagnet2.jpg">Due to the interest applied this specific area of the Poenix lander's viewpoint,
which was noticed on the Anandtech Forums, NASA carfully rescanned the suspect area,
and applied optical filters to enhance the image</a>
Is that Barack Obama?
Looks pissed too . .


Jan 4, 2001
Originally posted by: MadRat
Jeff7, you sound fairly informed on this whole Mars thing. How are astronauts going to survive this constant cosmic ray bombardment if we ever send them to Mars? These cosmic rays look like a real impediment to their safety let alone their survival.
Cosmic radiation will be the least of their worries. :)

See my post here.

Something I did forget to put in there is the risk of radiation poisoning should there be a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. Traveling to the Moon, the astronauts were simply lucky that a solar flare didn't fire off a blast of charged particles in their direction. Earth has its magnetic field and atmosphere to protect us. Mars' atmosphere is quite thin, and it has no uniform magnetic field.

I can't get the MSNBC video either. I just get some report about the weather in the midwest, and a constant stream of ads.