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Performance comparison for celeron vs. atom chips?


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Apr 7, 2002
Hi all,

I'm looking to build a very low power (<20w) NAS+htpc type machine, and am basically trying to identify the cheapest cpu/motherboard combination possible that:

1. Can handle 1080p, and eventualy 4k
2. Is fast enough to provide a snappy interface to whatever software I run (my wdtv live plus is soooo slow)
3. Will double as a NAS (need to find a small case that will house a single 4tb drive)

I was browsing intel's pages, and so tons of new low-power variants, but wasn't quite sure how they performed against each other.

For example:

Family CPU Ghz TDP
Ivy-Bridge Celeron 1007u 1.5ghz x 2 17w
Ivy-Bridge Celeron 1017u 1.6ghz x 2 17w
Ivy-Bridge Celeron 1037u 1.8ghz x 2 17w
Haswell Celeron 2955u 1.4ghz x 2 15w
Haswell Celeron 2980u 1.6ghz x 2 15w
BayTrail Celeron N2805 1.46 GHz x2 4.3 W
BayTrail Celeron N2806 2 GHz x 2 4.5 W
BayTrail Celeron N2810 2 GHz x 2 7.5 W
BayTrail Celeron N2815 2.13 GHz x 2 7.5 W
BayTrail Celeron N2820 2.39 GHz x 2 7.5 W
BayTrail Celeron N2910 1.6 GHz x 4 7.5 W
BayTrail Celeron N2920 2 GHz x 4 7.5 W

Not to mention there are other BayTrail chips with "Z" and "J" in front of them.

Any idea how these all compare?
Feb 25, 2011
The Ivy Bridge and Haswell Celerons are going to be a lot more powerful than the BayTrail "Celerons" (an Atom by any other name...)

I have a 1037U in my NAS. It's zippy. Runs FreeNAS, has a PLEX server. File transfers are single-threaded, and I'm still CPU limited over GBE, but I'm clocking in at 60-90MB/sec, depending on transfer size. PLEX works fine - <10% CPU use while transcoding a single stream, should be able to support a few clients without breaking a sweat.

No case recommendations, sorry.


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Dec 19, 2013
Have you fix the file transfer or is that still around 60-90MB/sec ?
So, you confirm is possible to transcode 1080p MKV with the 1037u ?

Thnks !