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May 21, 2018

This is my first post here, and I hope it is the right section.

I need help in buying/building a new PC. My budget and requirements are as follows:

Budget: INR 40K~50K (actually, I have to source everything locally, so global online buying sites won't work)

Existing hardware setup:

1. Intel Core2Duo 1.8GHz+ASUS P5B-VM MB+CoolerMaster Processor Fan

2. HDDs- 1 IDE (80GB), 3 SATAII (160GB, 250GB, 500GB), 1 SATAIII (1TB), LG DVD writer

3. 5GB DDR2 RAM (1+1+1+2)

4. XFX HD4700 ATi GPU with 512MB DDR5 RAM

5. SMPS- 460W Dual rail power supply (CoolerMaster)

6. LG 25" IPS monitor

7. JBL speaker

Components from the existing setup that you intend to keep: Monitor, SMPS, Speakers, DVD writer, Keyboard, mouse and HDDs

Components that you have in mind for your new PC: Graphics card

Plans to upgrade in the future: no, I like to make it future proof, as much as possible.

Places from where you will buy components along with your location: Kolkata

Are you comfortable with buying secondhand components? : No

The intended use of the PC [gaming/office use/rendering/HD playback etc] :

1. General PC usage

2. Extensive use of editing Photos and Videos (I am a professional photographer). So I use resource heavy software like Ps, Lr etc.

3. Gaming - very rare

4. Movie watching

Brand preferences: anything but ASUS, Gigabyte is one of the preferred brands

Monitor resolution and size: do not need one

Will you be overclocking your setup?: absolutely NOT

Which OS will you use?: Windows 10

I already have an i5 laptop (HP 15-ay503TX Laptop [6th Gen Intel Core i5- 8GB RAM- 39.62cm(15.6) Full HD- 1TB HDD- 2GB Graphics], but even this is not that fast while processing my RAW files.

I thinking about at least 32GB RAM, a good Graphics Card and Intel Core i7/AMD Ryzen (though I have no idea about this processor as it is very new) processor. I can not compromise on processing power as that would mean longer processing time for each RAW file that I need to edit. So actually, I need a "lightning fast" PC.

I intend to retain the Monitor, Speakers and HDDs for sure. Though I may have to ditch the IDE one, as it seems newer MBs do not incorporate IDE ports. I am not so sure about the Graphics card, whether to keep it or not.

After going through different fora, videos and articles, I am little tilted towards Ryzen 5, but I am not sure whether to go for 2600x, 2600 or 1600. A similar dilemma exists regarding chipset, whether x470 or x370.

Thank you
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Jul 24, 2016
Sounds like your best bet is to go with the Intel i7-8700 or the AMD Ryzen 7-2700. I would also get 32GB of memory as well. Come to think of it, you may want to consider Threadripper as well. And yes replace your video card.


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May 21, 2018
Sadly, these are all beyond my budget and would eat more than half of my total budget :(


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May 21, 2018
Hello friends,

Here is the lowest quotation that I got from offline shops in my city. Please note that the prices are in INR:

AMD build:

Ryzen 2600x - 15800/-
x470 board Rog Strix Asus- 15000/-
x470 Board from Gigabyte- 12200/- (not in stock, will be available by the end of this month)

Intel Build:

i7 8700k - 23200/-
i7 8700 - 19300/-
Z370 HD3P gigabyte - 11400/-
Cooler for 8700k - 2500/- (not sure about the exact model)

Common Components:

16GB 3000MHz Ram Corsair- 12350/-
CM K380 case - 2400/-
Corsair 550W SMPS - 2750/-
730 GPU 4GB DDR3 - 5300/-
1030 GPU 2GB DDR5 - 6500/-

All the above prices are excluding GST.

  • Do I actually need a separate/discrete GPU in either case?
  • Does i7 not require a discrete GPU?
Please comment on the above builds. It is pretty interesting that there is not that much of a difference in cost between the two systems, though I am not sure how much performance improvements will be there for the extra money spent on the Intel i7 system!

Please tell me which way should I go.

Thank you!
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Jan 31, 2000
The Intel i7's have built-in UHD 630 graphics. However since your main focus is on photo/video editing you should really get a better video card. Preferably a GTX 1050 or higher.

The 2600X comes with a nice cpu cooler so you could use the leftover money to invest in a better video card.
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Apr 21, 2017
even a 1600 would be more than enough. 2600 should be perfect.

Ultra budget would be 2400g with 16gb.

With discrete builds you can temporarily manage on one stick of 8gb memory, and add matching memory stick later.

Another temporary ultra budget option would be to scrounge for a more powerful ddr3 system, 8gb min, like an old FX or i7, paired with a low end card like 1030 or 550.