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pc stutter


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Dec 28, 2020
my problem :-
out of nowhere my pc started having stutters in everygame and sometimes even youtube and twitch my frames drop really low for a few seconds and come back up

1) pc specs -
- rtx 2070 super
-ryzen 7 3700x
- msi x570 a pro motherboard
- samsung evo 500 gb ssd
- barracuda 1 tb hard drive
- corsair 1x16gb 3000 mhz ram

2) things ive done to try and fix it
-factory reset my pc
- turn off xmp incase it was causing instability
- try to fix graphics driver(may be the problem)
- try moving a game to hdd incase ssd was causing the problem(windows is still on ssd)

3) if anyone can help me fix this problem
my twitter is @karanestxx
and my discord is karani#0092

4) i can pay 5 dollars paypal to whoever fixes it but if you can fix it for free it would be appreciated


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Dec 19, 2008
What was the last thing(s) you changed before this issue started happening (hardware change, software change, settings change, drivers change, etc)?

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Aug 11, 2001
The prior post I made here was inaccurate, edited below.

I had a weird problem a couple days ago where it was like my video card was no longer accelerating anything after a reboot... Restored an OS partition backup I'd made a few days earlier which fixed it.

I was mistaken, it was a coincidence that restoring an OS partition seemed to work for my problem which was unique. The problem came back and restoring same OS partition backup didn't work this time. Turned out to be my !@#$ Android based TV had crapped itself again and needed a power cycle/reboot to stop stuttering.

Other things to check include that the video card fan is working (and not clogged with dust), what temperature the GPU is, and that you don't have the power plug to it loose or a failing PSU giving it bad power.

If you have an app that shows GPU working frequency, you can see if it's downclocking when you get stuttering, which is pointing towards a hardware rather than software problem.

If all else fails, I'd make a testbed clean OS install on a different drive, the 1TB HDD or something else, to see if that works without having to abandon your current OS installation if it doesn't work.
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