PC loses baseball games


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Dec 23, 2003
With MVP 06 NCAA, not only has EA dumped the big leagues, it also dumped the PC after two great releases ('04 and '05). I've been a fan of the series (the only eletronic baseball game I'd ever play) since it's birth with '04, but why are they leaving? Sure, they released it on XBOX for a lowered launch price of $30, but the graphical advantage of the PC alone is worth a $10 or $20 premium.

2K took the MLB license away from MVP, and it seems like they are emulating MVP's hitting and pitching systems (far superior to 2K's), but, 2K has never released anything on PC.

I know that baseball games appeal to only a limited crowd, but they belong on PC! I went ahead and ordered the XBOX version, but I hope EA decides to make a port later.


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Oct 9, 2002
yeah a real shame because you could customize MVP SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. It had a real active modding community which made the game hands down the best baseball series ever created. I was very frustrated when I heard about 2k buying the MLB license.

Having played MVP 06 NCAA, it's also very obvious how unpolished and buggy it is. I really question how many seconds of testing actually went into this game. When you throw a sinker, and the commentators refer to it as "fastball" every time, you know they just didnt' give a flying fvck.


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Apr 24, 2001
Sucks big time.....THANK GOD FOR MVPMODS!!! I updated the rosters (last EA roster update), did some updates of my own, added some great stadium, audio and uniform mods and I just downloaded the 2006 season calender.

I hope 2k games decides to grace the pc with a port of their baseball game but if not then I'll just continue to play MVP with the 2006 season calender and roster updates.


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Oct 14, 1999
wow...I just found this out...really depressing...
I've been playing PC baseball games since Hardball/Tomy Lasorda (sp?) days...
Played all the hardballs, then went to high heat, then in 04 went to MVP....last years MVP was great and today I looked in to when I could get the new version and found this depressing news......


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Dec 16, 2001
Personally, I love the High Heat series and still play HH2003 regularly because HH2004 dropped "mouse" support. Too bad 3DO went belly up and MS bought the rights to the series (i.e., they bought the rights up in 2003 and evidently killed the series since no news of the series since the purchase).