PC freezing and shutting down - NorthBridge and RAM overheating

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Aug 18, 2015
I downloaded the Hot CPU Tester but the L2 cache test is available only in paid version.

In my bios theres no option to disable cpu's cache. Only option I found about disabling L2 cache was in ECC configuration menu which from what I've googled relates to RAM. Anyways I disabled it, tried, crashed.
Also googling told me that cpu cache is possible to be disabled mostly on old intel cpu's. So if you know about a way I could do it for mine cpu, advice is welcomed.

I tried BurnIn Test from Passmark and IntelBurnTest, both made pc crash within 2 minutes from running the test.

And I managed to get AMD Athlon II X2 250 for testing. Using it since tuesday and so far no problems.
Only problem now is that the bios message (new cpu inserted) shows at every start up.
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