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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by saurny, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    Matrox's specs for the Parhelia 128 graphics card say minimum PSU 300 w--the Shuttle SB65G2 has only 250 w in latest model--compatible or not?
    Can anybody rate Parhelia's fan for noisiness, scale 1-5 (lo-hi), or if not, then do you know the dB of this fan?
    The Parhelia is supposed to run hot according to some; can it install into this little box without added cooling?
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    Hi saurny,

    I think you've wandered into the wrong section of the forums :)

    However, I shall try to answer your questions :) Many "300W" power supplies are actually not as good as they say they are. I would believe that the 250W in the Shuttle is of a much higher quality than most "300W" power supplies you can get. Matrox probably says that to stop people putting a card in a PC with a low quality power supply. With the enthusiast market the Shuttle is aimed for, putting anything less than a very high quality power supply would be like shooting yourself in the foot. You can still move, but it isn't really what you want! ;)

    I imagine that it should be OK running on that power supply.

    I do not own a Parhelia, so I cannot comment on the volume of it. However some people have different perspectives of what is "loud" :) To some, if you can hear it at all, it's loud, but to some it has to be screaming "I'M A FAN, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO HEAR ME!!!!" for it to be considered to be loud! ;)