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Feb 26, 2006
Wow. A Harvard professor can be a complete and total fucking moron. Guess there has to be at least one.
But he ain't wrong as far as I can tell. Tex-Ass did everything wrong in the attempt to reduce federal regulations over their power grid...leaving them totally unprepared for emergencies such as this.



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Aug 2, 2007
I mean thats my point. His whole premise is the system worked as intended. We know that crises produce artificially distorted markets and tjats exactly the sort of shit we should be trying to avoid with public utilities; market distortions due to critical and inelastic resource demands.

I mean if you pull the trigger on a gun and it fires, the gun "worked as intended". The whole model is predicated on one not being fucking stupid enough to point said gun at ones head when pulling the trigger, which is what texas did.

The fact that the professor is legit trying to defend a comical outcome from misguided policy proves how fucking stupid he is.