P&Ns middle name is and

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Mar 23, 2011


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Jul 27, 2004
Yeah, NC is one...
ummmmm perhaps you should read a little further, from the actual statute, not snippets from an article.

§ 14-12.11. Exemptions from provisions of Article.(a)The following are exempted from the provisions of G.S.14-12.7, 14-12.8, 14-12.9, 14-12.10 and 14-12.14:
(1)Any person or persons wearing traditional holiday costumes in season;
(2)Any person or persons engaged in trades and employment where a mask is worn for the purpose of ensuring the physical safety of the wearer, or because of the nature of the occupation, trade or profession;
(3)Any person or persons using masks in theatrical productions including use in Mardi Gras celebrations and masquerade balls;
(4)Persons wearing gas masks prescribed in civil defense drills and exercises or emergencies; and
(5)Any person or persons, as members or members elect of a society, order or organization, engaged in any parade, ritual, initiation, ceremony, celebration or requirement of such society, order or organization, and wearing or using any manner of costume, paraphernalia, disguise, facial makeup, hood, implement or device, whether the identity of such person or persons is concealed or not, on any public or private street, road, way or property, or in any public or private building, provided permission shall have been first obtained therefor by a representative of such society, order or organization from the governing body of the municipality in which the same takes place, or, if not in a municipality, from the board of county commissioners of the county in which the same takes place.
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