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May 18, 2001
And regarding one particular mods one man Army approach to almost anything I post.

For reference, the P&N policy for threads is as follows:

To keep P&N a discussion forum and reduce the amount of inflamatory troll posts, please post more than simple links or complete quotes of articles that can be found by anyone. If you believe something is important enough to post, you must have some opinion of your own about the content of the article or link.

We understand this cannot be a hard and fast rule. It is possible to state an opinion in the Title or Topic Summary of your post, but unless an article is of sufficiently earth shaking importance, simply posting the title or headline of an article would probably not be sufficient.

We will try our best to be fair and understanding when deciding whether to lock a thread for this reason. Please help us maintain a high level of discussions on this forum.

My issue is with this thread.

Initailly I thought the quote itself was enough to spark debate. I had stated in the title that I considered it an interesting view point. I didn't initially add any more as I wanted to stimulate debate without prejudice. A member took it upon himself to try and derail the thread on this basis, so I added my input, despite not initially wanting to, for the reason stated above.

I sent a PM to the mods alerting them to what I considered thread crapping by a member.

Now this morning I find an active, healthy debate has been locked up for no good reason. Rules are best used with good judgement. Anyone can see that a thread with over 500 views and almost 50 replies is probably of interest to the community.

Time and time again I feel that the reason for the lock is based more on my politics than following the rules. Almost every time I post a thread in P&N, it gets locked and by the same moderator. Moderators that hide behind false names have something to hide. I never liked that aspect of P&N. I'm sure many will agree.

Additionally, the moderator quote threatens me with banning. Since when does a moderator threaten a ban with every act of moderation?

What action I would like to see:

- A removal of the (apparently) vindictive lock
- A reduction of the vitriol used when advising members of a rule breach.

Thank you.

Red Dawn

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Jun 4, 2001
No it was locked because it didn't follow the rules. However I made a Mod Edit using your second post and moving it to the OP so the rules so the OP would comply to the rules and unlocked it. I even bumped it for you so all's good.


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Oct 30, 2000
Your MO is using the discuss as your commentary in the original post.
Then you wait for someone to respond before you post against with something of substance.

As stated above, if you would put your ideas/thoughts that you had already prepared in the second post, into the OP, these locks would not be happening.

You create work for Moderators, yourself and it can tick off others who follow the rules and/or have their posts "wasted" when the thread is locked because of you.

Others also alert you to the fact, which you chose to ignore.

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