Overclocking Xeons!


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Mar 23, 2000
I have dual PII Xeon 400's on a Supermicro S2DGU with Windows 2000, yesterday in an ICQ chat with Dewill (Jed) to my suprise he told me that I could over clock them! And guess what he was right, so I gave it a go and I think it works.... sort of.

I can go from a FSB of 100 to 103 or 112. 103 works fine (not much suprise there), but when I go to 112 it starts to boot up and then I get "blue screen of death"! Some times it boots but when I try to do something I get that blue feeling! But when it boots up it is hit with a full load from Genome@Home, so that may be why it dies so soon.

So what is my problem and how can I fix it? I don't think they are over heating, they have huge heatsinks and plenty of cool air. So is it the CPU's which are sticking two finger up or not? Or is it as I hope, that my PC100 memory is not up to scratch. So would some PC133 memory fix my probs?

I will try and find what the blue screen says, so kind of machine error and then does a memory dump.

Can you help or have any comments?

Cheers, JD.



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Oct 11, 1999
They have all the extra cache, so you can have problems with those not being able to take the speed. I don't think you can to anything about the cache, but do you have any voltage adjustments? That might help.

What kind of PC100 do you have? Good stuff, bad stuff? What CAS level is it running at?


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Mar 28, 2001
It could be any # of things, Xeons are not the easiest processors to O/C

If you are getting it to boot and it crashes when you Crank up G@H, you may have a cooling issue. Do you know what the CPU temps are?

It could be that your Cache can?t take it.
Can you disable the cache? If so, see how stable it is without the L2.

You can always pop your ram into someone else?s PC to see if it will work past 112, but I doubt it is your ram. There are other tell tell signs when the ram fails.