Overclocker Noob (help!!)


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Mar 11, 2000
I just got my new computer and i wanted to push it a little, but I'm afraid of burning it out and what-not. I tried to download the files from the "stickied" post, but the links aren't working... i'm gonna go search for the files manually, but was hoping you guys could help me out in the meanwhile...

I know how to overclock it (changing the settings in the bios) but how can you test the temps and stuff? I don't have a temperature gauge attatched to my CPU, but I know the motherboard does that kind of stuff automatically... are there programs out there for that?

I know my mobo (Asus a7n8x deluxe) has automatic shutdown... but it sounds kinda dumb to push it until it shuts down...

What are acceptable temp ranges and whatnot?



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Jan 17, 2003
Well, assuming you have a Tbred-B, try not to have your temps much higher than 55C and not any higher than 60C. If you have a good heatsink you shouldn't even have temperatures over 45C. Mine is at 38C with an SLK-800 heatsink cooling a Tbred-B 1733MHz @ 2300MHz at 1.75 volts. Overvolting is what really ups the temperature, so as long as you're leaving the CPU at default voltages, even a stock heatsink and fan would do the job most likely. Yes, there are programs that monitor temperatures for you.

*Edit - Sorry, I don't know which programs monitor the Asus boards.. I'm using the 8RDA+ by Epox, so I'm using something different.. although I hardly ever use it.. once every 3 months probably.


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Nov 15, 2002
take your motherboard cd, stick it in, and go to utilities>Pc Probe (install that)
that will monitor the temps for ya just fine

another program (that you need to configure a bit) is motherboard monitor 5



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Dec 31, 2002
Do note that if you use the Crapsus Probe, that at least my version with my BIOS, the program measures the temperature from the thermistor under the cpu, inside the socket, instead of the die that is on the post AXP chips. So if you get 55 in Asus Probe, that is not so good as if you get 55 on the CPU in BIOS. If you wanna tell about how far the probe is off from BIOS, boot up, check temps in BIOS...then go check what the probe says. Then load the CPU for just a bit, raise temps a few degrees, quickly reboot anc check BIOS. Then load the CPU heavy with same hardcore gaming or Prime95 or something, and do the same thing. These numbers will give you an idea of the vicinity that your on-die temp differs from socket temp. Or you could do it the easier way and get MBM, read the how-to and configure it, set first sensor to the xxx-S Diode and that should match CPU temp in BIOS.

My 1700 is running right now:
Ambient(Case) - 31, damn no AC at college
Socket - 32
Diode-42 All from MBM. Asus probe displays 32.
CPU Voltage is 1.6 running at 195*11



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Feb 13, 2001
Motherboard Monitor is your friend :) can even monitor drives that support temp monitoring now.



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Jan 6, 2003
EpOxY, I assume the auto shutdown problem that you had is fixed? ;) What was the problem?