Opinions on Sony NEX-C3

Discussion in 'Digital and Video Cameras' started by jtvang125, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I'm currently looking into this camera. I'm no professional photographer but would like a little more control and better PQ than a compact. It seems this camera is targeted for just my type right?

    *Update: I picked one up during my lunch today. If you've never held one you'd be surprised at how small it is. Even the smallest dslr is gigantaum next to it. Size was a factor in my decision and I think the large lens gives it a nice place to hold it steady. With the 16mm lens on it should fit snuggly in a pants pocket.
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    Here's a review from a photography site:


    They had more favorable opinions of the NEX 5 and 7 models. Check the site for more on that.

    I'd say that you don't need to mess around with "step-ups", and should go for the real thing -- a budget DSLR, maybe even a dated 4/3 DSLR if you need it to be really small, which will give you full control, and let you learn the basics properly, as well as give you a full auto mode or three so you can relax and snap shots when you want.
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    IMO the NEX line is hampered by its need for almost-full-sized lenses for its APS-C sized sensor. The bodies are sexy and sleek, but you end up carrying what looks like a a Rebel kit lens on an ELPH body. You aren't really gaining that much compactness over a Canon Rebel, Nikon D3100, etc.

    Better to go with Micro 4/3 IMO. That's definitely what I would go for if I were looking for a compact ILC. Nikon's 1 series is interesting, but I hate that they made the bodies look thinner than they actually are by using black plastic to mask the rear of the body. If the J1 were as thin as the colored plastic part (and a few hundred dollars cheaper), it might be more interesting to me. They're actually kinda porky when you hold one. m43 has an advantage in the number of lenses offered from different manufacturers and in price. The pancake primes and the collapsible 14-42mm are particularly nice and small. I saw the GF3 with lens for sale recently under $400 new. That is so cheap that I'm actually considering one for myself, despite my loads of Canon DSLR equipment (which I haven't been carrying around lately, because of the size/weight/hassle).

    Another option would be something like the new Canon G1X which has a damn large sensor for a P&S. Pretty pricey though.
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    Look at the A35 instead. It's about $700 and has a nice viewfinder, and more ergonomic.
  6. rml

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    I love my nex-c3. Picture quality is so good.