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OpenElec Users


Junior Member
Jan 31, 2006
Trying to get some ideas as to what hardware to use to build an OpenEec only build. I have my eye on this case
Not sure which motherboard,etc to get. I have heard that the intel/Nvidia setup is mostly preferred. I only see a handful of Intel/Nvidia motherboard combos out there. I can actually purchase a setup with the Intel/Nvidia GT610 for around $300,was wondering if I can actually build one for less.

The other option is a Zotac box.

Either way I plan on using a partioned ssd to use for OpenElec and small storage.
Most of my files will be on NAS.

I need 1080p streaming and
HD Master Audio and True-HD bit streaming.

Let me know your recommendations on hardware or what you have built. Thanks


Golden Member
Jul 8, 2003
I am very impressed with my raspberry pi.... might be worth tinkering with before you threw down a ton of money just so you could identify what you're getting yourself into. Plus, you could always utilize the device as something else later after-the-fact. I use mine as strictly a HTPC setup and I am amazed...