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Nov 18, 2001
So I'm looking to get a very cheap phone to supplement my cell phone plan when I'm at home. Ooma looks interesting, but I have some questions about how it'll work in my setup.

My router is on my 2nd floor in a guest bedroom. I don't want to have to go up there to check messages or make phone calls. How does the Scout work? Do I need an internet connection near it or will it get a connection through the phone line it connects to? Will it work fine with a multi-handset system? Would you recommend the Ooma Hub/Scout system? Any idea how much bandwidth it uses, since Comcast now limits monthly use?


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May 14, 2000
I have the Ooma Telo model. It works fine with a wireless multi-handset system or any traditional handset for that matter, I don't think the older Hub/Scout system does (someone can correct me here if I'm wrong). I believe you can check your messages using the Telo handset add-on but I don't have one. Your Telo or Hub need to be connected to the router obviously but there are easy workarounds in cases where you'd rather have it in a different room than your router. For instance mine is connected via a HomePlug AV powerline ethernet adapter, another great option would be something like a TRENDnet TEW-647GA, they frequently go on sale for ~$29.

Under normal home use I wouldn't think it would be very bandwidth intensive. Mine has been awesome and trouble free after the number porting process was completed.


Feb 14, 2002
I've older hub and scout system. I don't use scout since you need to pay for premium service. I use multi-handset with mine and it works great. The system uses very little data so don't worry about bandwidth. I believe you can check messages online if you're too lazy to go upstairs to check the machine.
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