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Old game Warlords Battlecry III


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Jul 6, 2004
I played all of these (1-2-3) and enjoyed them in the past, I reloaded from GOG and am getting STOMPED. I do remember this game was a bit of challenge for a turtle player, but holy heck! I start game and a Mino Lord curb stomps me 3-5 minutes in? Thankfully a second try he didn't show up (minutes in at least). I am trying some different races, but in a game that rewards aggressive play some races really are just simply crap. Anybody have some suggestions on best race and Hero's, or some "this is how I did it". I am sure each has its good and bad, well except the Fea.. they are worthless to start, and OP to end.. but WBIII in most missions do not give you turtle time so you cant build them up, its a race of swarm um to death and hope to live till you can actually fight. I played Demons and Undead a bit and can win, but some other races (lizard, mino) really give me issues with early rushs. Maybe nobody plays this anymore.


May 1, 2006
Can't help you, but I remember, I barely played WB3, but liked it and made a point to keep copies, and it's on my 'meaning to try it again' list.


May 1, 2006
I checked my still unopened old guide book, and it doesn't have BC3. It has:

- Mission Critical
- Buried In Time
- Noctropolis
- Under a Killing Moon
- The Dig
- Star Trek: A Final Unity
- 11th Hour
- Frankenstein
- Gabriel Knight 2 (loved that game)
- Deathgate
- Shannara
- Beneath a Steel Sky
- Full Throttle
- Phantasmagoria
- King' Quest VII
- In the 1st degree
- Dragon Lore
- Torin's Passage
- Bioforge