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    you undestand LD came a lot later than Beta right? We had a top loader Sony Beta VCR. With analogue tuners, as in knobs. One for VHF and another for UHF
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    Dad made me program people's VCRs when he installed 10ft fiberglass satellite dishes. So yeah, I'm a bit familiar with having a dozen or so built-in analogue tuners with tiny little dials you had to roll to fine tune the channels. :) Only met one BetaMax though, a much older cousin who spent about $2500 on it when they first came out. Had a top-load VHS personally, with a 30ft long remote.
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    Lets see...
    PDP-11 with paper tape reader, 16kB for 16 k$ :eek:
    Editing punch cards! Basically, mash your thumb on the revised card to delete a character by holding the updated card still while copying it. Hold input card still to insert a character!
    Circa mid 1970's.

    In telecom, heard about phone switches programmed in machine language by weaving wire in/out of magnetic core donuts.
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    Punch cards by IBM
    Audiotape by BASF, Sony and others
    8 inch floppies by BASF
    5,25 inch floppies by all the brands mentioned above
    3,5 inch floppies by all the brand mentioned above
    Iomega-ZIP 100MB and 250 MB
    Iomega 750MB drives (name I have forgotten)
    Tape drives of most kinds ... from 100MB to 2 GB, and I have them still, the drives and the tapes, and drivers on floppies and USB-drives. I've tried a Iomega back up tape drive 2 months agp, on an Win7 system, in compatible mode. The drivers found the drive and copied the contents correctly ... Now I have all my back ups (from 1982 to last week on DVD-RW ... many of them and on a NAS containing 40GB in RAID5.
    LoL, I could still read my thesis written in WordPerfect from 1988 (first version) and 1989 (final version) and the papers written in WordStar 1983 and 1984. that is more than 30 years ago ...
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    @petrusbroder , I think you win.

    My experience went from cassette tape loading a TRS-80 straight to 3.5" floppies, I had about a fourteen year hiatus away from computing.