OEM's Starting to Offer Free Win 7 Upgrades

Bozo Galora

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Oct 28, 1999
Now OEMs are stepping up to the plate and offering some free upgrades of Windows 7 -- but only to customers who purchase machines with Vista between the end of June and next January. Lenovo became the second to announce such a program, airing the news on Friday. Hewlett Packard, the top computer shipper in the U.S., had become the first to announce a Windows 7 upgrade program, releasing details on Thursday.


Of course they left off the VERSION you get in free upgrade


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May 24, 2005
Newegg is offering that as well, an OEM versions of Vista for an additional ~$10 for a Windows 7 upgrade coupon.

From the details, system vendors will send users a physical copy of Windows 7, as well as the ability to download from Microsoft. If you buy newegg's OEM discs, I suspect you only get the download coupon.

If you have a physical copy since all the versions are on the same disc the installation system should automatically provide you with the proper upgrade. I'm not entirely sure how Microsoft's support system is going to work.