Odd Win98SE Mouse Behavior


Junior Member
Jan 24, 2000
Win 98SE on Athlon 600 w/ 128 Ram and GeForce video running new detonator drivers. The OS is treating single clicks as double clicks- for example, if I click on an icon and hold to drag it else where on the desktop, the app launches; or if I click-and-hold on a window's title bar to move it elsewhere, the window maximizes; or if I click "forward" or "back" in Internet Explorer, the page goes 2 forward or 2 back; or trying to scroll down a page at a time by clicking in right scroll bar, it jumps down 2 screens. The odd thing is that it only happens about every 3-6 clicks. Also, I can no longer highlight phrases of words in word processors, IE, or anything else for that matter- as long as I'm holding the button down, the highlighting occurs, but as soon as I release the button, the highlighting disappears. Both of these are new problems; I've had 98Se installed on this PC for a couple of years, and this only started happening a couple of weeks ago. I haven't changed any click-speed parameters or anything. HOWEVER, I did just install DSL and a Linksys ethernet card and Earthlink 5.0 and ZoneAlarm. My guess is one of these progs screwed things up, but I've uninstalled them all one by one and the problem remains. Right clicking works just fine.
I have uninstalled the mouse and the drivers, and let windows reinstall. I've also checked into the "double click to launch checkbox" issue- that's not it either.
Any ideas?