OCZ PC-3500 or Mushkin PC-4000 - Preferences?


May 18, 2004
I am building a new system with an Asus P4P800-Deluxe mobo and a P4 2.8C (800 fsb) processor. I am trying to pick the best memory at a bargain price. Here are my choices:

1) OCZ PC-3500 Dual Channel, pair of 256MB for $125 OCZ PC-3500


2) Mushkin PC-4000 - pair of 256MB for $125 ? Muskin PC-4000

I know that both Mushkin and OCZ make higher end modules, but I am trying to keep my price down. I have read articles on both brands and they both seem favorable. Mushkin claims their memory is specifically targeted at the 865 & 875 chipset. Both seem to have great reviews.

Anybody have any experience with either of these or an opinion