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OCing a 233 PII...


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Oct 9, 1999
Ok!So Im late to the game!

LX mb with only multiplyer settings.
PII 233. I took the fan off the sink, [You know the one! It looks like it belongs on a DX-100!], and put a 2X2 inch fan blowing across the sink on it secured with wire ties.

It does 266 or 300 without a problem, but gets almost too hot to touch!

At 66X5 or above, it reads as a PII 133mhz!

I'm satisfied with 300 out of this chip, but it 'looses' my NIC if I OC the processor! It is there in Safe Mode, but removing it there and rebooting, doesn't prompt me for the drvers and in Win98, the NIC doesn't show up.

Is this caused by the OC?

Btw, I can run UT 'Flyby' and RC5 with no lockups. Tried it over an hour, but without the NIC, it is useless.

Any ideas? How do I remove the retail sink? Looks like I need to drill out the four rivets.

The sink gets hot, so I know it is doing the job. More fans? Different sink?


Edit: when the NIC 'goes south,' the BIOS doesn't recognize the NIC either. I've tried a duifferent slot. It was there [and worked], but after a reboot it's gone.


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Oct 9, 1999
Clock limited chip. At 5x multiplier, it drops back down to 2x. The original Klamath chips were very hot anyway, so their tolerance is a little higher.


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Nov 4, 1999

>>Is this caused by the OC?<<<

Does it work reliable when the cpu is at default clock rate?

BTW I have a PII 233 @ 280MHz (2.5x112) ,it's not stable at 300MHz ,so your doing well :) ,oh yeah it gets pretty damn hot too ,53C when running SETI ,with a room temp of 26C.It seems stable so far so I'm not worried ;)