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Dr. Zaus

Oct 16, 2008
Oh, wait, a number, so I need a link for it like every number posted no matter if all agree with it.


I do appreciate the source.

It is unfortunate, though, that 93% of the recovery has gone to the top 1%.
What does 'recovery' mean? wealth or dollars? It seems the top 1% are as wealthy as they want to be; thus adding dollars to their bank-accounts does nothing good or bad to society: except maybe make more investment capital available.

Dollars are meaningless, what matters is wealth: the truth is that linking the wealth of an individual to her or his work is a great idea, but one in which the supply/demand economy has now faltered. S/D makes sense when there's a lot of demand for a particular job (so yes, give added wealth to neurosurgeons if there's more need for them than there is supply of them) but when there's less demand for a particular person's abilities then the government must become the employer of last resort: A situation that will become ever-more the case as we all are able to become very wealthy on the back of fewer and fewer workers.

the day a big 3d printer can print out a functional house and cars for little more than the cost of the materials is the day spending w/ 0% taxation no longer matters: as dollars will stop changing hands at a rapid pace.

It's happening faster than you think.
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