Nvidia Vista drivers causing BSOD!


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Oct 1, 2001
I installed Vista last week, and everything's been pretty good with it and my rig except when I tried installing games the drivers that came with Windows didn't work properly and it shows a crapload of artifacts that makes the games unplayable.

I went to the nVidia site and installed the newest drivers, but when I rebooted I got a BSOD STOP error during the reboot, memory dump, restart. Couldn't get into windows without booting to "last known good configuration" and rolling back the driver.

Tried Guru3d drivers. Worked fine on first reboot, games worked fine with no artifacts, yay. On NEXT reboot, I get into BSOD loop, have to roll back, games won't run.

Any ideas? Can't seem to find any solutions in my searches. Thanks.