NVIDIA RAID Loading problem


Junior Member
Dec 5, 2006
Hello all; a friend recommended me to these forums for my technical problem, which is as follows: My computer stops loading at the RAID BIOS part; sometimes if I keep restarting it, gets past it, but more often than not I have to delete the RAID and recreate it in order to boot up.
It freezes before Windows (XP SP2) even gets a chance to load up; right after the "Push DEL to enter setup comes the "NVIDIA RAID BIOS". It then detects the RAID (two 250gb Western Digital in striping mode) as healthy. Then it says "Press F10 to enter RAID Setup screen..." after which point it just freezes; not even F10 works; it just sits there indefinably (with both the power LED and HD LED on; not flashing, just on).

This first started happening after I accidentally killed the winlogon.exe process (don't ask). For those of you that don't know, this instantly displays the good ol' blue screen of death. I fear for restarting my computer again in case it never starts back up again. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of work and other things I have on my comp. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Preferable something that isn't risky...