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Question Nvidia GTX960m GPU problem


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Jul 27, 2020
Hello guys!

I write to you in connection with a (maybe) GPU or driver problem.
I have a Lenovo Y700 Laptop (i7 6700-HQ; GTX 960M (4GB); 16 GB RAM, 275 GB Crucial MX300 SSD, Win 8.1), and I have problems with running games and 3D applications.

When I start f.e.: Witcher 3/The Division normally, a black screen flashes up, (for a moment I see the cursor in Witcher 3 style) and after it exits, and Steam's blue "Stop the game" button changes again to green "PLAY". I can start all the games with the integrated intel GPU, but not with the dedicated Nvidia.
The problem came after I reinstalled Windows 8.1 (I did it many times earlier, and did not have any problems with that), one day earlier everything worked fine!
First I thought that the Steam does not work properly, but after that I realized that GPU benchmarks also give very bad values.

Operations tried:
1, I am sure that I installed all the updates for the Windows, and I also installed all the Visual C++'s, and DirectX, .NET ...etc. properly, what are recommended to the apps.
2, I also tried to active and deactivate the GPU in BIOS, and in Nvidia Control panel too.
3, Tried changing the Nvidia Control Panel GPU settings for app's too.
3, I also tried to reinstall Steam, deleting the registry records, and trash folders also.
4, I also tried Steam options (Steam overlapping, deleting cache, etc...)
5, Tried to run apps as an Administrator, or in compatible mode.
6, 3 weeks earlier I cleaned the notebook, and put on new thermal paste. The temp is OK.
7, I also tried to reinstall Windows again and again(4x), with the official drivers, but nothing changed.
8, I do not find any error log in the Event log manager.
9, Very interesting, that the GPU works with the basic Nvidia driver, which Windows downloads automatically to the Nvidia GPU-s, but that driver is from 2016. When I update it to the latest, or to another, it fails again. Before reinstalling Windows the latest driver was OK!

So the main notes:
The GPU works fine with the 2016 automatic Nvidia driver, but not with a "more up to date" one. So I think it did not burn out.
I can use the integrated card in every case, but that is not good for games...
The dedicated GPU also gives bad results in benchmarks.
The Device manager shows, everything is ok with the devices.

Could you maybe help me, or give any hints and tips to solve this, because I can not solve the problem at all.



Nov 3, 2007
Update the laptop BIOS to the latest version.

Update to Windows 10 and then perform a clean install.

Install the latest drivers, start with Intel and then Nvidia.

Use ThrottleStop to prevent throttling.

Configure games to use the discrete GPU from Nvidia control panel per application profiles.

If you get Error 43 with Nvidia drivers, and the GPU works only with Microsoft base drivers, backup the data and RMA the laptop.