Nvidia GTX 680M vs AMD 7970M: Mobile supremacy

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Jan 16, 2003
Never really enjoyed gaming on a lappy. Cause then, Id have to plug it into the wall, then plug in a keyboard, and a mouse, and maybe even an external monitor. Might as well be a desktop. LOL. But that's just me.


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Jul 31, 2007

Seems like a stupid thing to do.

Waste money on a high performance laptop then turn around and use it as a desktop.

Is the 680M worth the extra cost, I dunno, but I'd imagine with some vram overclocking you'd get a nice boost out of it and I'd imagine if someone was truly mobile they'd think the extra cost for the sheer amount of extended battery life each recharge would be well worth it in the end.

Ya, I guess you don't use your system to make a living. I have a high-end mobile workstation - quadro 5010, 2960 XM, twin SSDs, ips display... blah blah. Sure, I have it in a docking station at the office, but I can also take it home, to the job site or a meeting and keep working full speed ahead.


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Jul 8, 2012
I just bough a alienware m17x R4 with an 7970m, ssd, 8gb ram etc.

I run Star Wars The Old Republic with every at high setting and my fps dosent go below than 60. I run 70 to 80 everywhere exept in the fleet with 240 peeps at the same time, I run around 30 to 40.

I had the choice to take the nvidia 680m but Im not a big gtx fan and for 600$ more...is it really worth? I dont think so...

Go for amd 7970m, is a leet card.

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Jul 9, 2012
It did address your school situation where the longer battery life obtained through superior hardware allowed a Nvidia based laptop to fill both a desktop and laptop style role providing both cutting edge performance, and unopposed dominance in the battery life area.

You're one heck of a salesman though, I'm going to start looking into one of these cherry laptops.

So I'm going to be traveling abroad for school next year and need a laptop to game on. I'm looking at the Sager NP9150 or the Malibal version of the Clevo P150EM and will get one or the other. First, any recommendations between the two? And second, I'm willing to spend upwards of $2100 and am trying to decide between the 680/7970. I will be taking this laptop to class and so battery life is thus seemingly important. I know about the weight and brick of a charger (used to have the 17'' asus...) and none of that bothers me. I care about performance and battery life, nothing else. I already have a desktop so no one attempt to tell me to not waste the money because I cannot take it overseas unfortunately. That being said, just how much better is the battery life of the 680 and what performance differences are there really? And if I'm just taking notes/surfing the web/maybe listening to music and the occasional youtube video, how much battery life can I expect out of the 680 vs the 7970? I really appreciate anyone's input here.