Nvidia financial results for Q3/2012

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Graphics' started by boxleitnerb, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I doubt that, there are plenty of that era chips (mobile / dekstop / chipset) still working. I also think there is an element of luck involved.

    But what Blasting said is exactly my main gripe (aside from not being illegible for any settlement in the UK): Nvidia never really came clean and said 'these parts are affected, these parts are not' instead we had to rely on everyone's favourite tabloid journalist and his list. Charlie of course quickly jumped to the conclusion that all parts from that period were affected but that's possibly as unreliable as Nvidia basically saying nothing.

    Contrast that with Intel's response to - for instance - the SB chipset issue. I may not like the fact that Intel is heading to being the only choice in x86 CPUs but I cannot find any fault with how they treat their customers when problems arise. That's the way it's meant to be done: would all other companies please take note!
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    You saying that you would never purchase a laptop with Nvidia chips because of defects in the past, is a lot like someone saying they wouldn't buy an AMD card because their drivers are historically poor. Just saying.
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    Here's what you're missing, I said that Nvidia had some big problems in the past in the mobile space. Despite that, they are doing fantastic now, obviously that bump in the road didn't hurt their image or seem to have any effect on their relationships with laptop makers. But you're so defensive about anything Nvidia that you're missing the message.