Nvidia’s Upcoming DX 11 Driver Fares better than Mantle API Read more: http://wccfte

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Dec 29, 2010
The conclusion of the headline is misleading. You can't make that broad conclusion of the drivers themselves.

Instead, I think he means that a 780Ti can outperform a 290x. That's what is shown by the data right? You cannot extend the data to make such a broad claim about the drivers/APIs themselves. I mean, the results would change depending on how powerful the hardware is on the AMD side and the Nvidia side.

But then again, I think the writer is regurgitating an Nvidia presentation. He could barely catch his breath with statements like: "This is undeniably one of the most impressive charts i have ever seen." *swoon*


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Jan 9, 2010
Smells fishy.

Anyone else run the "R334 Driver" and the "New" (really?, lol) driver and who exactly has the new driver available for testing and graph presentations besides nVidias marketing department? The R334 is believable, "new" has ~10% improvement, i'd like that confirmed by independent sources before I feel like there is not a hook in my mouth on this one.

If we drop the driver version that is being presented by nvidia marketing and the obligatory sham graphs then we see the uncorrupted view which, surprise, doesn't warrant any new attention.

Please wake me when actual review sites like [H] or Guru get behind the curtain on the new driver.
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Jan 8, 2001
If the data is correct it show a progressive improvement in Dx drivers within Nvidia GPU's .

What would be interesting "fi" we could run AMD HW or Nvidia drivers and vice versa .
So we could compare the HW and drivers separately , to bad that is not possible .
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