Note to my fellow ECCp-109 TeAm members


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Oct 16, 2000
Doh! I'm such an idiot. With everything else that has been going in my life recently, I forgot that I agreed to go on a 'lesser known' brewery/brewpub tour of western Michigan today.

That means no stats from me today. :(

It may be worse, in that I can't get the scheduler to automatically run the stats scripts for some reason. So to be on the safe side, would one of you please download the following web pages (between 12:15 pm and 6:00 pm) and send them to me at the address in my profile? Thanks.

(If one you guys that have the scripts is around and willing, I will post yestersday's table data here.)

Again, sorry about the stats. We will have to work out a backup plan, as I am expecting some extended downtime when I move to the left coast sometime soon.

Edit: I think I have the scheduler working, but I still have no way to automatically upload the results here. Anyway, gotta go!