Not even the so-called "smart people" are smart

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Dec 15, 2015
When I read about this it was something that was used. There are many ploys out there. One involves putting tape on your window. If you remove it they know your home. Others involve making you get out of your car to remove something from the windshield. Then BAM you're a victim.
This is not something that happens. Robbers/thieves do not break into your home with you there to rob/beat/rape/kill you. If someone is going to predate on another person, they're going to do it somewhere NOT at a person's home, where they may have a gun/dog/significant other/witnesses. It's going to be done somewhere quiet, probably nearer to that person's turf, not the victim's turf.

This is retarded fear mongering by someone selling something, like a book, or home security.

The car one is the only even close to plausible scenario, but with that one, why would anyone bother to wait for you to get into your car, only to get back out? Why not simply snag you before you got into the damn car? Why target a car, not knowing the occupant (400lb black guy, 90 year old grandmother, police officer) rather than target a person specifically?


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Jul 22, 2007
you would be better off reading star wars fan fiction.

the ones where han solo and chewbacca have sex


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Apr 3, 2001
I never answer the door unless I am expecting something. Just like the author of the book who knows a thing or two about security. It's a good read. You'll learn how to hot wire a car that's been built prior to 1999.
Will you also learn how to defeat the steering wheel lock?


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Apr 3, 2001
Not sure when that came out, but I'm sure if it is before 1999, once you turn the ignition it will unlock. IDK, ask someone that's hot wired a car.
It sounds like the answer to my question is "no, steering wheel locks are not covered in this book one way or another". Was that so difficult?


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Nov 20, 2009
Ignore the knock on the door
While ignoring the knock, you may simply decide to continue going about your normal activities inside – NOT pretending that you’re not home – not being particularly quiet. Reason being that IF the stranger is a burglar – that person may go ahead and break-in if they think no-one is home. By making some noise or turning on a light, the stranger will know someone is home. On the other hand the person may continue to knock hoping to get your attention.

And that is when the shooting fun begins.
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