Nocona reviews???


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Feb 5, 2001
Anybody know of any of them that compare to older 533fsb xeons??? I would still like to get 2.4ghz m0 stepping chips that can do 200fsb 3.6ghz without paying the premium...I don't see a need for the 64bit as I will be running Autocad and ADT 2004 which are multitreaded in may aspects.

I can get 2 of the 2.4ghz chips guaranteed to do 3.6ghz for 200 a piece....Far cheaper then a 3.6ghz nocona and only one to boot!!!

I may also look at the opterons again but I have been intrigued by the fact that 2 xeons will be seen as 4 virtual cpus with HT in ADT rendering...Right now I get a 19-22% gain with HT on my current single chip....