Question No Power to Motherboard.. Seeking Help!

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Junior Member
May 18, 2022

Thanks for dropping by and trying to help a new fellow member here.

I have come across a weird problem. So here it goes:

My PC Build:
i5 12400
MSI B660m a pro wifi ddr4
G.Skill Ripjaws V 8gb x 2 3600mhz
Deepcool AK400
Deepcool dq750 M2VL PSU
Deepcool Mattrexx 55 4f Mesh

All parts are new and hence within warranty. So i finish building my PC and the PC ran well for a week or so untill 1 day when I tried to turn it on and nothing happened. No power to anything. No fans spinning.. nothing happening in the system.. Upon some diagnosis and trying to jumpstart PSU, i realised the PSU has failed. Gave it for RMA. Received a new pc after a week. All excited to get back into my PC and installed the PSU. But again nothing. No Power. Upon checking the PSU, its dead again.

Now I am completely stuck here with PSU's blown twice right after the other and I do not know what is causing this.

Any direction/help will be nice