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Next-day delivery shenanigans on Amazon UK (Prime)


May 19, 2011
I found a printer I wanted to order; dispatched from and sold by Amazon, and it's in stock. Just before adding it to the basket I notice it says it can't get it here before Monday or Tuesday, and I need it sooner (also mildly irked by it saying "in stock" in a "but we can't be bothered to ship it quickly, or maybe we're just lying about what 'in stock' means" kind of way).

On the off-chance I went back to the search results page and it says for that product "get it here by tomorrow", making me think "huh". I put it in the basket and send it to the checkout to see what they're going to want to charge me despite me being on prime, and there are two options for delivery, the default saying it'll get here tomorrow or "one day delivery" which will get it here tomorrow.


The "in stock" business really gets my goat though, I wonder how many times I've seen that and assumed it meant it'll get here by tomorrow only to then wonder where it's got to, double-check the order confirmation e-mail to say it'll be another week or two, let alone the other shenanigans.

This time I double-checked the order confirmation e-mail and it truly thinks it'll be here tomorrow!


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Nov 20, 2009
With Amazon owning Whole Foods, I am shocked they want 40-50% more for certain grocer items after I bought an initial order from Amazon. Twice i tried to include a review that included an explanation about the Value component of the purchase only to get the review rejected. Strange thing is someone posted about the exact same thing a year earlier--I only noticed this recently--and his got posted. So much for Prime and living in a city with Whole Foods. And no, I cannot get Pantry Prime or Whole Foods delivery because I live one zip code away too much. Same tiny township but a zip code they don't like.