Newegg - Intel i5-11600K 11th gen 6-core Unlocked w/Graphics CPU LGA1200 $211.99 (Among other deals)


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Aug 25, 2001

Make sure that the one you get is "shipped and sold by Newegg". This may sell out.

Apparently there have been price cuts across-the-board, for AM5, 10th/11th/12th-gen Intel.

Don't jump the gun like I did at the first deal that you see, look around.

Amazon has the 12600K for $225.
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Aug 22, 2001
I wouldn't worry about it selling out. 11th gen is about as popular as a root canal. The 11600K is sitting in 44th place at the moment at da egg. Best Buy has it in stock for 3 cents more, so no worries about finding one. Though outside of people already on skt1200 with an even slower CPU, I can't see why anyone would build with it. As the 11400f is up against the Ryzen 5600 in price. Which from my POV, means it isn't exactly attractive, given the upgrade path and overclocking are superior on AM4.
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Sep 13, 2008
Yeah the 11th gen i5 doesn't sound like a great deal at all IMO, when the 8 core 5700X can be had for less. At this point, I would be looking for deals on 12700KF and higher, if I were looking at what is available from Intel. And on newegg, the cheapest LGA 1700 CPU with 8 p cores is almost $300, (again the 12700KF) and I don't think this is much of a deal either. Yes, it will have faster performance than a 5800X, but not by all that much, as it is essentially a faster 8 core CPU, as the e cores aren't good for much.

I think for the 11th gen, it would have to be an 11700k or 11900k at around $200 or less to make sense.
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