Newbie here! Network Management...

Chris Davies

Junior Member
Oct 15, 2017
Hello all,

So I'm still new to network management so go easy on me ;)

I currently have some rack space at a local DC I want to sell.

I have a firewall, l2 managed switch and a remote pdu. The firewall simply protects access to the switch and pdu gui/CLI.

I have 2 pipes entering the rack, one is a 100mbit contended connection and the other is a dedicated connection. I was going to create two vlans, one for contended customers and other for dedicated customers and simply limit their connection using rate limit depending on how much bandwidth they pay for (CIR).

Is this a good solution or would it be better to vlan and tag each port individually? Would this now prevent me from being able to share two connections on the same switch?

Thanks for any help, very much appreciated.