*** New Year UK LAN Party 02-04/01/2004 ***


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Nov 27, 2002
I can accomodate 8-10 or so unless someone can bring another table in which case i could probably manage 12-14 ;) :p :)

Information on the party is here:

Games to be played will be:

Battlefield 1942 Original
Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat (If you dont have this it can be copied when you get here)
Medal Of Honor Allied Assualt: Original
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Unreal Tournament 2003 ** Yeah Baby :cool: **
Unreal Tournament ** Number 1 :cool: **
Halo (Perhaps)
Lightbikes 2.0 & Tron 2.0 :cool:
Quake 3 Arena and Team Arena If You have it ;)
Raven Shield (Maybe)

Internet connection wise it currently stands at one connection which is 1024down/256up.
Hopefully I will have 2x 1meg down 256up so online play for everyone should be good :cool:

Network Setup is 100mbps all round, we can discuss what goes on on my network at the time :p
Dedicated Server Setup will be updated with more information shortly. There will be 2 servers running :)

There will be lots of :beer: reef (The drink), archers, whatever, pizza, crisps, soft drinks, bring your own stuff that you like, but i will try to accomodate people as nicely as possible :)

The plan is to go out friday and saturday evening like a normal night, then get back 11/12ish and party :cool: :D
This can be discussed though
(We dont like sleepers :p)

Location is in Bracknell in Berkshire which is near Reading, Ascot, Windsor, Guildford, and Woking, for a general idea of where the place is :)

Please pm me your details and let me know if you can make it or not :)

Ill update the thread with information as I get it :)

Cheers Guys,
Dan :beer: :)

People who are coming so far:

Confused - a.k.a Garry :cool: