Question New to Networking - Want to attempt a DYI Project


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Apr 5, 2021
Hello Everyone.

I just moved into a new home that is pre-wired for network and I want to tackle a DYI network project.

My house currently has (2) cat 5 jacks and two (2) Ceiling Wireless Access Point jacks.

Xfinity is my internet, television, and phone provider. Instead of renting their modem and router, I purchased a Netgear CM2050v modem and the EERO Pro6 mesh router.

There is a network enclosure in my garage that has the following equipment:

  1. Legrand TM1045 Telephone module where all my network ethernet cables are plugged into (See attached pictures)
  2. WATTBOX WB 300-IP-3 (See attached pictures)
  • The enclosure also contains all the coaxial cable wires for the television jacks.

The wires that are plugged into the Legrand TM1045 are labeled as follows:

Row #1:
White Wire Labeled: “FEED” is plugged into Service In
White Wire Labeled: Loft
White Wire Labeled: Office
Blue Wire Labeled Master WAP

ROW #2:

Blue Wire Labeled: 2nd Floor WAP
Blue Wire Labeled: Feed

Based on what I’ve read, it looks like I need to relocate my modem and router to the network enclosure in the garage. My question is what additional equipment do I need to connect everything to the WATTBOX and how should it be connect?

As far as the Legrand TM1045 is concerned, I have no idea what it does.

I also want to hard-wire my (3) eero pro’s to prevent wireless hops.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Feb 29, 2008
I don't know how much help you're going to get, unless someone else is a telco sme or has a similar setup.
I'd suggest you do some googling on what is installed already so you can ask better questions.

Google says the LeGrande is a 10 port connection box.
Whats going on with the silver adapter on the bottom with white cables and what looks like a splitter though...

The wattbox looks like some weird IP-based remote power controller thing. I'd not connect it to the network once everything is up and running myself. However at least that seems to give you 3x 120v power taps right there.

You seem to have 4x rj-45 jacks. You say 2x are Cat5, does that mean they are actually Cat5, and the other 2 are not? Or, where you trying to identify them as data jacks not being used for Wifi? Network jacks are network jacks, whether data or access point, or VOIP, etc. If this is a newer house, I would expect them to be at least Cat6/a. It should say on the cable, but shouldn't matter unless you are shooting for Gb throughput, which if installed competently, even Cat5e will support.

You have several options.

1- Easy, and probably least effective wifi coverage
Install the netgear modem and router, connect WAN to modem to router WAN, and connect all 4 network cables to the LAN ports on router.

2-Harder, most effective wifi coverage with current equipment + new switch
Locate your router somewhere central to your house and do a site survey with some free wireless strength app.
Get in the attic and move BOTH of those Access Point drops to the router location.
Install router, with AP1 going to WAN port and AP2 going to first LAN port
Get a cheap VLAN capable switch if possible as they shouldn't be price premium, check eBay for used Cisco's for $20-30, or anything, someone here can assist with configs.

Connection will be as follows:
Comcast > Modem > Cable AP1 > Router WAN > Cable AP2 > New Switch Port 1
All remaining network cables plugged into New Switch ports 2 - 5

Switch will be configured relatively dumb (VLAN1 only). You might be able to get away with a cheap non-vlan capable switch.

I can't help you with telco, because we're internet only with VOIP through for $2-3/month.
I run an Obi Hai 302 $60, and my main Panasonic wireless phone connects to it and meshes with the 4 other phones so they only need a power connection.
If you need the cable though, its hard to find a better price without the triple bundle, but worth looking.
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