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Mar 3, 2004
Hi, I'm a gamer and hardware enthousiast. I built a forum to help people with hardware/software problems. I know it's nothing new. But I wanted to invite you all to visit it...(No adds or trick here). I wanted to make a place where beginners could find some informations about their problems. We are a bunch of enthousiast and we just want to build a ressource for "the average computer user".

I would be glad to get to know some of you. I have a topic where people can tell what are their knowledge, that way people can get in touch with the right person to solve their problem. If you think you have any specific field of knowledge, you could be really usefull to others.

Thanks a lot, I think my forum worth the look :)

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Hi knowledge,

Welcome to AnandTech Forums. We consider it to be polite for new members to participate on our forums for awhile and get to know our members before posting to promote your own site.

Thanks for understanding. We hope you enjoy yourself on our forums. :)

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Jan 11, 2003
While we welcome you are not longed for the ATOT world making posts like this :p